Whitney Hunter[MEDIUM]

Conceived in 2012 by Interdisciplinary Performance Artist Whitney V. Hunter, Whitney Hunter[MEDIUM] is an interdisciplinary performance group focused on the collective creation and presentation of original group works.

Whitney Hunter[MEDIUM] fosters collaborations with artists, performers, and technologists of varying mediums with a collective mission towards Conduction, Interaction and Communication.

Everything is up for grabs. Nothing is sacred?

(Movement Research work in progress)


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Collaborating Performers:

Cortnei Cuffy, Ayana Evans, Whitney V. Hunter, Waldean Nelson, Tara Nicolas, Sebastiani Romagnolo, Aaron R. White.

Tiffany Rhodes (Catsuit Designer Butch Diva)



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Collaborating Performers:

(original cast*):  Seiji Gammage*, Otis Donovan Herring*, Whitney V. Hunter*, Youthen Joseph, Waldean Nelson*, Andre M. Zachery*, MyronChristian Macauley*, Dwayne Brown