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Body Count:  Counting the Dead, #101


A site specific performance protest collaboration

A site-specific collaborative performance/protest effort of 2 artist/activist (Whitney V. Hunter and Preach R Sun). Took place on August 23, 2014 and involved 2 actions performed in 2 separate locations (NYC and Ferguson City, Mo.). The first action (#101) was performed by Whitney V. Hunter, in Union Square, NYC. Hunter’s action, a 2 hour endurance piece, involved him lying on the ground and tracing his body with chalk to create 101 chalk body outlines — a number representing the many and more. The second action (Counting the Dead) was performed by Preach R Sun, in Ferguson City, Mo. Preach, standing at the site of Mike Brown’s memorial, counted the dead (in the fashion of 3 Little Indians). He counted off to 313. The number (drawn from a Malcolm X Grassroots Movement report) represented the 313 black men gunned down in 2012 by police, security guard and or vigilante.





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