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I stand in support of and with those who confront injustice and demand righteousness. The wrong-doing in the world can not be tolerated and everyone must have something to say against the hatred, fear and disrespect that is plaguing our society. You must not sit comfortably and believe that you are not in harm’s way. Harm’s way is an epidemic. It will eventually seep into your life, grab you by the neck, and throw you down on the ground pleading for your life.

Realize your power, have a voice.


Body Count:  Counting the Dead, #101

photo: Preach R Sun & We Have Agency

A site specific performance protest collaboration

A site-specific collaborative performance/protest effort of 2 artist/activist (Whitney V. Hunter and Preach R Sun). Took place on August 23, 2014 and involved 2 actions performed in 2 separate locations (NYC and Ferguson City, Mo.). The first action (#101) was performed by Whitney V. Hunter, in Union Square, NYC. Hunter’s action, a 2 hour endurance piece, involved him lying on the ground and tracing his body with chalk to create 101 chalk body outlines — a number representing the many and more. The second action (Counting the Dead) was performed by Preach R Sun, in Ferguson City, Mo. Preach, standing at the site of Mike Brown’s memorial, counted the dead (in the fashion of 3 Little Indians). He counted off to 313. The number (drawn from a Malcolm X Grassroots Movement report) represented the 313 black men gunned down in 2012 by police, security guard and or vigilante.





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