Legacy… Destiny*


Digital Video Installation

Video Loop Duration:  3:00

Single channel SD video, LED Lights, polyester film tape, marker, plastic

*Due to its light sensitive nature, the work reveals itself progressively

throughout the changing light of day into the night.


Artist:  Whitney V. Hunter

The work deals with the presence of cultural immateriality.  One’s body becomes a repository for his/her identity as it is observed, learned, and passed down from one to another in rituals both secular and sacred.  The objects of the installation make an antagonistic statement about this practice where every object in the installation is a stimulated or mediated substitute for the corporal and tangible.  “I am questioning the mediated destiny of our rituals, both secular and sacred.  Further, considering this destined reality of our practices, histories, and cultural experiences towards a digitized existence, and away from real tangibility.”