An Execution

An Execution
Venue:  Grace Exhibition Space
Date:  4/20

Not long ago, I heard a television personality address the fact that she cannot and does not eat watermelon in the presence of white people (perhaps jokingly). That made me think that there are many Black people that feel the same way.  I, in fact, sometimes when attending a party, and reaching for the Buffalo wings or (if offered) watermelon, for a moment take pause in the realization of “look what I went for first.”  Then I stop and think about the absolute idiocy of this.  Has racism and stereotypes affected our society so deeply that one cannot enjoy the food he/she loves? Yes, it has. But, must we live in and support these ideas and prejudicial acts?  No, we musn’t.

“On this, the twentieth day of April, two-thousand and twelve, I will eat watermelon.  I invite you to come and eat with me.” Whitney V. Hunter

Conceived and Performed by

Whitney V. Hunter