Libacion por Guillermina
Conceived and performed by Whitney V. Hunter

Libacion por Guillermina is an audience participatory, site-specific performance work. A performer stands inactive with four liquid filled bottles of liquid and a basin near. One bottle filled with dark rum, one with water, one with white rum, and the last filled with syrup. As each visitor approaches the site, they are invited to choose one bottle and pour three drops of the liquid into the basin. At the completion of the pours the performer becomes active.

The work is an investigation of ritual and takes its inspiration from the sacred and secular rituals, of various cultures, of pouring liquids in honor of a special person or spirit. In this instance, the work honors the Mexican choreographer Guillermina Bravo who has led the Ballet Nacional de Mexico since 1945. “In honor of her dedicated artistry, I offer thanks to her and her beautiful and dedicated performers that have created a rich history for Mexico and the world.” The performance ends when the bottles are completely empty. At the moment that all bottles are empty, the performer pours the basin on his self as a gesture of respect and solidarity.

Premiere Location: Courtyard/CENADAC, Queretaro, Mexico